The Japanese archipelago, floating on the eastern edge of the Eurasian Continent, is home to an incredibly diverse nature and landscape. The uniqueness and diversity of its culture and cuisine, nurtured in every corner of the land for well over a thousand years, is remarkable, yet still unknown to much of the world. Through the concept of the “ryokan,” we hope to express these natural and cultural splendors – to be a bridge between Japanese culture and the world.


The ryokan is a uniquely Japanese accommodation that allows guests to truly experience the local culture, arts, and changing seasons of each locale. The heartfelt hospitality, or “omotenashi,” provided at ryokans fosters a deeper understanding of and connection to the land. At ATONA ryokans, we set out to reimagine the traditional ryokan, blending its timeless customs with a more contemporary luxury. A place where all guests can connect with the essence of the region and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay.


Over half of Japan’s landscape is covered by mountains, resulting in an abundance of crystal-clear water springs. Located along multiple tectonic plates, this also means that the country is blessed with a wide variety of hot springs. These hot springs, or “onsen,” long cherished by the Japanese people for their healing properties, are integral to the ATONA experience – a way for all guests to rejuvenate both mind and body.


Since ancient times, the Japanese have drawn wisdom from nature, developing their culture in harmony with the nature around them. The ever-changing nature across different regions and seasons has inspired a way of life that is unique to each locale. Through a deep recognition of the values woven into each region – reflected in architectural design, cuisine inspired by local ingredients, and the ambiance of the hot springs – we seek to create spaces that foster a deep connection with nature.


The culinary culture of Japan delicately adapts to the changing of the seasons, acting as a mirror that reflects the distinctive features and transitions of the land. We carefully select and reinterpret the seasonal ingredients, embracing local traditions while employing a distinctive ATONA approach. Our culinary experiences are an expression of gratitude towards both nature, and each and every guest.

From hot springs and unseen landscapes, to new experiences and discoveries that can only be encountered in each locale…
Your ATONA journey awaits.


The name “ATONA” is an expression of deep connection – a combination of two Old Japanese words, 吾汝, that means “me and you.” It signifies the joy of spending time with loved ones, away from the bustle of everyday life. It reflects our vision to accompany our guests on their individual journeys, to help them feel more connected to loved ones and the nature, cultures, and histories woven deeply into the lands they encounter.

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