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Yakushima is a mountainous island covered in dense forests, located 60 kilometers south of Kagoshima Prefecture of the Kyushu region. Mount Miyanoura, located at the center of the island, is the highest peak in Kyushu at an altitude of 1,936 meters. The island's climate of high rainfall and humidity, as warm winds from the sea are cooled by the rugged mountains, has led to a rich diversity of plant life, including the iconic Yakusugi cedar trees that have lived for over a thousand years. The oldest among them, known as "Jomon Sugi," is said to be over two thousand years old. The forests of Yakushima, with their ancient cedar trees, are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yakushima also offers breathtaking scenery, including lush green moss-covered forests, hot springs in harmony with nature, and numerous rivers flowing into the sea. It is a beautiful place to feel the blessings of nature and diversity of life.

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