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Yufu is a hot spring area located in central Oita Prefecture of the Kyushu region. It is known for its national park surrounded by mountains – most famously Mount Yufu, which has been regarded as an object of worship since ancient times – and its abundance of hot springs with one of the highest yields of hot spring water in Japan. Mount Yufu is certainly a symbol of this area, displaying a rich and ever-changing landscape across the four seasons. In early spring, noyaki (controlled burning) at the foot of the mountain creates a black landscape, while summer presents lush green meadows, and autumn brings golden grasslands. From late autumn to winter, the Yufuin Basin, including the Kinrinko Lake, is often enveloped in a fantastical morning mist. There are many places nearby to experience the majestic nature of Yufu, including Garandake, where you can see the bubbling hot springs up close, and the Yufu River Gorge, which retains traces of past volcanic activity.

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