The Japanese archipelago, floating on the eastern edge of the Eurasian Continent, is home to an incredibly diverse nature and landscape. The uniqueness and diversity of its culture and cuisine, nurtured in every corner of the land for well over a thousand years, is remarkable, yet still unknown to much of the world.

ATONA is a collection of ryokans that expresses these splendors of Japan – rooted in the cultures and histories woven by those before us, and passing their treasures on to future generations.

From hot springs and unseen landscapes, to new experiences and discoveries that can only be encountered in each locale…

Your journey at ATONA awaits.


"ATONA" is an expression of deep connection – a combination of two Old Japanese words, 吾汝, that means “me and you.”

ATONA – me and you. A place to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones, away from the bustle of everyday life.

ATONA – nature and humankind. A place to feel the deep wisdom hidden within nature; where nature and humans can reconnect.

ATONA – the memories within us. A place to contemplate precious moments, and restore a peace of mind.

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